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Here at Blessed Beginning Puppies, we breed and sell AKC registered English Cream Golden Retrievers, sometimes referred to as White Retrievers or Imported English Creams. Whatever you call them, they are one of the most intelligent, lovable, and loyal dog breeds around. They’re healthy, too, with health statistics showing that the English Cream Golden Retrievers have a 30% better health record than the American Golden Retriever.

In addition to our English Cream Retrievers, we also have a select few Goldendoodles that we think you might fall in love with. Click either (or both!) of the buttons below to see the puppies we have available for adoption, or Contact Us with any questions you have.

English Cream Puppies for Sale

Eng. Cream Puppies

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The Golden Retriever breed was developed to assist hunters in retrieving downed waterfowl. As time passed, the breed split into American and European versions, with the European-based bloodlines having luxurious cream-colored coats that set them apart from their more ordinary cousins, though they’re just as smart, loyal, and fun-loving as you would expect from this time-tested family of canines.

Since we believe it is our duty to ensure every retriever puppy we sell is healthy and happy, we raise all of our English Cream puppies with love and care. We take our responsibility to you as seriously as we do to them; after all, we want you and them both to enjoy years of blessed companionship together.

We are very happy to offer these adorable, hearty puppies to you! Take a look at the English Cream Retriever puppies we currently have available.

Don’t let distance keep you from finding your new best friend; we can have your puppy delivered anywhere within the U.S. (Contact Us for more details.)

If you think one of our English Cream Golden Retriever puppies would be a good match for your family, give us a call or email us! We’d love to talk to you about one of the best family-dog breeds around, and the love and care we pour into each precious puppy.



It was a great experience and Chance is adorable. Everywhere I go people go bananas over him and want to pet him and play with him. He is so playful and friendly. He is already almost housebroken his crate stays dry and he sleeps all night. He gets along beautifully with my other 2 dogs and is very intelligent. So far he sits on command, does great on the leash and is great in the car. We’ve owned several Goldens and other dogs but I have to admit he is everyone’s favorite so far!

Daniel and his wife are wonderful to work with and two of the nicest people I’ve ever met with a beautiful family.

The adult dogs were all beautiful and obviously very well cared for and loved. I was so excited when I pulled up and saw the adults and then thrilled when I saw my adorable pup sitting there smiling at me. He ran straight to me when I opened my car door and I fell in love instantly!

I’ve never had a better dog adoption experience and never had a puppy as easy to train as this one. My teenage son and husband adore him!


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